Emergency visa to India

Travelers who are in need of visiting India quickly due to some emergency can use the electronic visa system and choose the emergency visa. This type of entry permit can be obtained both online and upon arrival. However, it’s far more secure to apply for the emergency e-Visa in advance to make sure you will enter India without any issues.

The emergency visa is issued in situations when travelers need to make urgent visits to India. The processing time is shorter and includes weekends as well. All foreign nationals applying online for this type of entry permit must cover higher fees than for the regular India e-Visa.

Read on to learn in which cases can you submit an emergency visa application, what documents should you prepare to receive the visa quickly, and how to apply online.

In which cases can you apply for the emergency visa to India?

As the name suggests, the emergency visa to India can be used only for urgent situations that require your immediate presence in the country.

Please do not apply for this entry permit type to use it for tourism, business, medical, or transit purposes. Regular Indian e-Visa serves perfectly for the previously mentioned purpose of usage. Moreover, the electronic visa is also approved quite quickly!

You can apply for an emergency visa in the following cases:

  • any immediate family emergency situations
  • death or severe illness of any family member residing in India, a loved one, or anyone that is close to you
  • if you have any law-related issues that require your visit to the country

What documents should you prepare to apply for the emergency visa to India?

The required documents for the emergency visa for India are elementary. Every applicant must prepare the following:

  • a passport that will not expire for at least six months from the intended date of arrival in India
  • applicant’s face photograph

Moreover, once you submit the visa application form, you may be asked to attach some additional supporting documents that will validate the reason for your stay in India.

How to apply for an emergency visa for India?

Applying for an emergency visa can take place either online or at the selected airport upon arrival. To make sure you receive your permit on time and enter India without any issues, apply online.

Prepare the required documents and start filling the visa application form with the necessary data, such as basic personal information, travel details, e-mail address, and passport information. Attach the applicant’s face photo and any supporting documents (if necessary).

Cover the emergency visa fee (that can be higher than a regular e-Visa due to the shorter processing time). Immediately after your payment register, you will receive a confirmation number.

India e-Visa for emergency cases is usually processed within a day or less; however, the approval period can take up to 3 days.

Once approved, you will receive the emergency visa at your e-mail address.

Transit information

The emergency visa is not suitable for transiting through India on your way to the final destination since it serves only for urgent situations.

To transit through India, use any regular e-Visa. Apply online and get your electronic entry permit at your e-mail address in a PDF form within a maximum of 72 hours! Please note! The regular e-Visa is processed only during the business days.

To travel to India with the emergency entry permit, make sure that you have prepared the supporting documents.