India visa photo requirements

Luckily, the electronic India visa photo requirements are elementary. The Indian government specifies that the applicant’s face photo can be taken using:

  • a phone
  • a PC camera
  • or by scanning/photographing the passport photo

Taking the right picture should take you just a few minutes, and you will be ready to upload it to your India visa application form!

Read on to learn what is the best way to take the visa photo for the Indian entry permit and have your application successfully approved.

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India visa photo requirements: face and background

One of the main visa photo requirements is for the photo to present a full face front view, eyes open.


The photo should present full face, your head from top of the forehead with both edges of the face, to the bottom of chin.

The face must be clearly shown, so please avoid the following:

  • any head coverings are not permitted (except for religious reasons)
  • too thick glasses (your eyes must be visible)
  • pacifiers or head coverings in children photos

Please keep a natural expression on the face, do not smile. Look straight at the camera when taking the photo.

Background and lighting

For the Indian e-Visa photos to attach to the application, a preferrable background would be light or completely white.

Make sure that your photo meets the following requirements:

  • has a white background (or at least a continuous tone quality background)
  • with no unnecessary elements visible
  • taken in a plain light with no shadows on the face

India e-Visa photo size requirements

When it comes to the India visa photo requirements in sizing, you do not have to worry about that. Our team of experts always adjusts the sizes of the received files.

Nevertheless, your photo should present full face front view, eyes open. The face must be clearly shown, head from top, displaying the forehead and both edges of the face, to the bottom of chin.

Please remember! The head covering is not permitted except for religious reasons. However, even then, it can’t block the face view.

Final words

Since the applicant’s face photo that needs to be attached to the electronic India visa application can be taken using a phone or a PC camera, completing this step should not take you longer than just a few minutes.

Make sure to follow the photo guidelines described above and upload your photograph when applying. Please remember that your face should look natural. Have a neutral expression on the face, do not smile, and make sure there are no shadows.

Our support team is available to all applicants who need any further information or assistance when taking the face photo for their application.

Should you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone!

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